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Join us at ARISE
Conference in Wellington
July 21—23, 2022


There’s nothing like that moment when you’re with great friends and you start talking about Jesus. There’s nothing like that moment when your hearts begin to burn within you as the presence of God begins to hover. There’s nothing like that moment when Jesus is at the centre of your gathering.

We believe that ARISE Conference 2022 will be just like that moment. ARISE Conference; it’s always been a company of believers in love with Jesus uniting for one epic annual gathering. In 2022 we go back to what it’s always been about: time with God and time with our friends; Church Camp. We would love you to come. It’s going to be one of those life-defining weekends.

God has proven faithful in turning up in our midst again and again. In that moment when he does... anything can happen.

We hope you can be there!
Much love,

John and Gillian Cameron

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Feels like one Church. Sounds like one voice. Looks like one vision.
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15th May

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2 Days 3 Nights

Life changing messages,
anointed praise and worship

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For wherever
two or
Matthew 18:20
together in
21—23 July
Twenty Twenty Two
of my name
I am right
ARISE Conference
with them

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